About us

Our company’s mission is to provide a consultative approach to all aspects of homeownership.

Mission Statement

Our company’s mission is to provide a consultative approach to all aspects of homeownership. Having helped thousands of homeowners, we pride ourselves in keeping the homeowners’ best interests at heart. Our selective platform of real estate professionals caters to New York homeowners’ specific situations. Covering all 5 boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island, we provide valuable advice and expertise to homeowners throughout New York.

Homeowners Resource Group

Homeowners Resource Group was created in order to assist homeowners and heirs of owners of properties with retrieving unbiased, consultative advice regarding their unique situations. Some instances include being in foreclosure or current on their mortgage, having inherited a property with or without a will, or needing a referral for assistance with any other homeowner related questions. We are here to provide such individuals with our accumulated network of experienced real estate professionals to assist with their specific needs.”


“We have an unusual story. My father-in-law died, owing considerable money on a property. He was 89, and the issue had plagued him and his wife for years. Now this worry became a huge problem for his estate. We got a call from Eva, saying it was likely she could sell the property, erase the debt and get us some money to boot. Having no knowledge about real estate, we were extremely suspicious, as was our lawyer, a fairly prominent real-estate specialist in Nassau County. But Eva kept plugging. Finally, he spoke with her, and he drew up a contact protecting us if there were something that went wrong. It took a long time, with a lot of back-and-forth, and was probably much different from the usual sorts of deals Eva accomplishes. In the end, the debt was erased, we got a totally unexpected payment, and our skeptical lawyer has met several times with Eva to work on other matters, praising her work ethic, knowledge and tenacity. A huge weight was lifted from wife’s shoulders. “

-Jon S


“I have to say I don’t normally write reviews. On this occasion I feel I must. this is an experience I had with Eva and I have to say that I have had some real real bad experiences in my history in real estate which was quite extensive. I have dealt with realtors brokers lawyers insurance companies and have been brutalized by the work ethics I have come across. In this case I was getting calls from various short sellers and I would immediately hang up the phone. something about Eva‘s presentation made me listen. from that, one thing led to another and being that I never ever dealt with anybody that kept every promise made everything work as expected,expedited the entire process flawlessly and has an affect made me feel like I can trust someone in the real estate business again. As far as I’m concerned there aren’t words that I can find that would applaud her professionalism and give her the credit she is owed. I am in her debt as she wouldn’t even allow me to give her a gift. Once again Eva. I say thank you.”

– Steve E.
Long Beach

“I’d like to believe Eva is actually an Angel in a real estate gig. She appeared in our lives at a time when we could not have known how much we would come to appreciate her. And through Eva’s professionalism, compassion and impeccable follow up and follow through, my late mother was able to bestow us one last gift. I doubt I would even have had the patience, nor emotional bandwidth to deal with any of it. But Eva lifted it all from my shoulders and placed it on her own. It would be hard to describe the kind of comfort that comes with doing business with somebody like that. ESPECIALLY when its involving a property that’s been in my family for more than 60 years. I just cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience Eva created for my family. I am grateful for her.”

-Mykal W.

“Eva is very professional and courteous she knows her job answers all my questions on the spot. Most of all a woman of integrity she keeps her words and we only did business on the phone. I had a lot of other agents call me but God give a good feeling about Eva and l was very thankful l choose her. l would recommend Eva to all my family and friends or if you are looking for someone that’s professional and honest. Many thanks and prayers to Eva and her team.”

-Cindy C.

“Eva’s service was absolutely excellent! She made the experience doing business with her, comfortable and made me feel like i was in good hands from the very beginning. I would definitely use her again. She stuck to her word. She was honest, upfront and has a wonderful personality. I’ve never had the pleasure to meet her because i’m in Florida, but today it felt like I also made a new friend! ”

-Monte L.

““Eva contacted me about a property I owned on Long Island. After the town changed the zoning to business the house became practically unsellable. She said they would handle everything to arrange a short sale and a deal with the bank. They did and after nearly 10 years I no longer have to deal with the bank. Thanks for a great job. ”

-Jerry A.

“I recently went through a tremendous tragedy. Bought a house with our life savings to rebuild and sell to make some money. During the process, the market tanked, and we could not sell forcing us to rent it. We had a 5 year arm because we were not keeping it, so when arm adjusted the rent wouldn’t cover the mortgage. After numerous phones calls to banks, trying to get modification, begging for help and my family in crisis, we could no longer pay. House went in foreclosure, and the tenants stopped paying the rent and destroyed the house. After horrific long and costly eviction process, we finally got tenants out but the destruction was way too costly to even try to sell. Spent more money with attorneys to try and get out if this mess, nothing was working. I then got a phone call from Eva Boccio. I had difficulty believing her, because during this whole process over the years and everyone wanting to “help” me, everyone just took more and more of my money and put me deeper in debt. Not Eva, she did everything she said she would, was compassionate, called back immediately, and got the job done. And now this nightmare finally over! Eva Boccio is amazing and I would never trust or use anyone but her ever again! Thank you girl, immensely grateful for you! ”

-Kristen G.